Turnkey Solution for Business



Engineering and Design done by our expert teams by using high tech equipment to sustain high performance.


We define best-customized finance solution for you via leasing, PPA or purchasing to encounter your demands.


Count upon our edge-to-edge solutions and feel comfortable that your solar project goes smoothly.



Sustainable solar energy application needs full experience from designing to installation, installation to utility grid connection. As ARCOR, we have too much experience on commercial solar solutions and we do our job very quickly and efficiently. Moreover, we are selling our customers nothing but sustainability and trust. With our supply chain from silicon to solar cell, from solar module to full integrated system over 10 years over 15 countries, we are the address of trust and sustainability.



We install, own and operate the solar solutions with very less costs even zero upfront cost. You do purchase the electricity that generated from your solar solution with fewer rates than traditional utility. You lock your energy saving  for next 20 years.



The important things are designing, financing and implementing solar photovoltaic systems in a manner that meets specific needs of an commercial and industrial organisation. We have applied this financial strength to enable our customers to take advantage of solar energy without capital costs.


Improving energy efficiency has the clearest impact on saving money, improving business results, and delivering more services for consumers. With ARCOR’s fully managed solar service options, businesses can take advantage of reliable, clean power without capital costs or in-house expertise. Moreover, ARCOR’s support for sustainability programs goes beyond solar program development, deployment and management. We also provide marketing support to help our customers promote their sustainability efforts to customers and employees.