Worldwide demand in the energy market continues to grow, with developing markets consuming energy as fast as it can be produced.

Major expansion and upgrade programs are underway in Asia, MENA, and other parts of the world. Most of our clients are trying to meet goals for reduction in greenhouse gas emissions – spurring investment in renewables, as well as transmission and distribution systems.

ARCOR is a preferred partner for power and utility companies worldwide, as well as for private companies and public institutions. We serve their priorities for cost-effective, efficient, high-quality solutions while supporting them in a vast range of energy projects. From power generation, energy integration, and heat recovery through to transmission and distribution, ARCOR builds pilot facilities, greenfield plants, and associated infrastructure, as well as assists clients to expand capacity or extend the life of existing assets and plants. Our experienced consultants can help you plan, forecast, expand, diversify, outsource, and reduce costs.

ARCOR's deep understanding of the regulatory environment that our clients operate in means we can help them plan long term to suit their business needs and priorities. We also have the experience, geographic reach, and technical skills to help clients expand into new regions, bring plants online, improve safety measures, lower operational costs, recommend disaster recovery plans, and implement renewable energy programs.

Clients include gas and electric utilities, transmission and distribution companies, municipalities, regulatory commissions, government and state-controlled energy firms, financial institutions, hospital district, university campuses, and more.


Energy providers are investing in new power generating capacity and associated infrastructure to meet their usage needs and address industry regulatory requirements. Through our collaborative, value-enhancing approach, ARCOR guides our clients through every step of their project: from feasibility studies, energy master planning and programming to design and full-scale project implementation.

ARCOR's experience spans small scale renewable programs to thermal power generating facilities. Many of our industrial, commercial and public sector clients rely on our expertise in heat integration, waste heat recovery, cogeneration and biomass facilities and other sustainable energy systems.

As an experienced framework management partner, we understand the business priorities and critical success factors.


ARCOR evaluates, designs and installs a variety of solar system projects for clients' electricity needs. Expertise includes polysilicon, silicon crystal processing facilities; photovoltaic installations; building and equipment design and installation; contamination-sensitive facilities; safety in design for pyrophoric, flammable and toxic materials; and high purity distillation processes.


Our specialists provide technical, planning, and environmental expertise to help our clients design and build wind energy projects. With multi-disciplinary skills, ARCOR offers a range of services including wind farm site identification and evaluation; modeling, design, and facility optimization; electrical infrastructure/grid interfacing; engineering and project management; distribution support; and consultation strategy support.

Transmission and Distribution

Our clients are facing multi-faceted market conditions impacting their energy operations and networks. We partner with clients to help address growing demand for additional transmission path and distribution capacity, challenging regulatory requirements, and replacing damaged or aging infrastructure.

ARCOR provides this support through extensive capital works programs over multiple years; using collaborative work methods we deliver complete utility and infrastructure master planning and program management. We also provide management consulting services as well as organizational and strategic business planning.

Our clients need all scales of refurbishment and new build projects. These projects range from above ground installations, transmission, gas, and off-take facilities through to high voltage overhead lines, high voltage cabling, transmission substations, switch rooms, and associated infrastructure. ARCOR plans, designs, manages, constructs and commissions systems to meet our clients' needs.

With a focus on de-carbonization in many markets, ARCOR also provides strategic expertise to integrate renewable energy sources into transmission networks.

Also, our utilities consulting experts can provide independent review reports and recommendations in situations where needed.