While the telecommunications and wireless world is ever-changing, demand for innovative technology and long term support services remains constant and we are at the forefront of creating a new generation of communication infrastructure. We specialize in network development – complete telecom life cycle solutions for you.

We have the distinct ability to self-perform critical aspects of a telecom project, while leveraging strategic vendor partners to deliver highly scalable turnkey solutions. Our boundary-free approach allows us to reach within and across our global network to provide the best people and resources for our clients and to share knowledge and access to local suppliers, contractors, and consultants to provide the best outcomes to our projects.

ARCOR is able to respond to today's overwhelming voice and data needs with services including real estate and site acquisition, needs assessment, infrastructure engineering, system integration, procurement, program and construction management, operations and maintenance, and disaster recovery.

Working closely with clients, we combine our telecommunications experience withsafety culture(safety linkinegidecek) to design and safely construct cell towers, switch facilities, microwave and fiber optic systems, and underground vaults.

Macro Sites

Within the telecom industry, ARCOR provides full turnkey services for macro sites -- from site acquisition to tower erection to operations and maintenance. Our expertise ranges from new site builds and site upgrades, to site decommissioning.

Real Estate

ARCOR provides site acquisition services for new site builds, upgrades and modifications, and decommissioning for all of the major wireless carriers, OEMs, tower companies, and state and local governments. We offer these services for all project types including, but not limited to: raw land and stealth sites, tower colocations, site relocations, switch sites, and antenna and radio swaps/adds. Through our all encompassing real estate services, we have worked on several thousand macro sites across the globe.

ARCOR's real estate services include:

  • Search ring analysis including jurisdictional review
  • Site acquisition and due diligence coordination
  • Zoning, pre-planning, hearing, and ordinance compliance
  • Regulatory and environmental due diligence management
  • File audits and assessments
  • Lease reviews, exits, and amendments

Architecture & Engineering design

Our team of architects and engineers have a depth of experience in designing new cell sites and modifying existing sites, as well as performing site audits and assessments. ARCOR's design capabilities include a full menu of in-house architecture and engineering services to support the planning, design, and construction of your new site builds, site upgrades, and fiber distribution systems. ARCOR' expertise includes:

  • Site design (land use, audits and assessments, zoning)
  • Civil & structural engineering (hydrology reports, tower and antenna modifications)
  • Mapping services (tower, rooftop, and antenna mount structural mapping)
  • OSP design services (GIS base map creation, fiber route and splice planning, optical path planning)
  • Mission Critical facilities (MSCs, RNCs, data centers, NOCs)
  • Other services (head end room design, land and streetscape design, generator and ATS design)

Program Management - Construction Management

Within the area of program and construction management, ARCOR telecommunication specialists are well-versed in accurate scheduling, logistics capabilities, and access to superior global resources -- all geared towards producing high quality and predictable outcomes for your projects.

Our team possess a depth of knowledge in network design and development experience, with several key members having held previous positions with telecom carriers, LECs, OEMs, and other service providers.

Our leaders work closely with each other, ensuring your site is designed appropriately and construction starts as soon as the Notice to Proceed (NTP) is issued.

Read more about our program and construction management in our Services area.


Serving as your construction advocate, we can help ensure your telecommunications project is built per your specifications, schedule and budget. With our sophisticated site-tracking database we monitor project progress closely and consistently.

ARCOR construction services technicians are manufacturer certified to install, program, and decommission the following project types:

  • DAS & small cell
  • Fiber optics
  • Microwave systems
  • Cell site construction – tower & civil

Installation and commissioning activities can significantly affect existing equipment and networks. ARCOR addresses these impacts by providing skilled management and technicians to provide equipment engineering, component installation, and equipment commissioning.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we perform thorough decommissioning work beginning with a pre-decom site survey walk, followed by strategic mobilization of the decommissiong team activities, and finally to restoration services to meet the lease termination agreements.

In addition to our own qualified staff, ARCOR also has a global network of general contractors, A&E firms, surveyors, geotechnical, and environmental firms under contract and ready to work. There is no telecommunications project too big or detail too small for us.

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Operation & Maintenance

Unlike other companies who use tower construction crews as maintenance crews, ARCOR has dedicated maintenance crews specially trained in a wide range of trouble shooting best practices and repair services. Our maintenance technicians can help you simplify and reduce your operating costs and keep your networks running at optimum performance. We provide reliable and timely responses for your site needs so you can stay focused on your core business.

ARCOR offers operations and maintenance services during your critical times of need. When you call, you are greeted by a live person who remains on the line with you until a technician is patched through to you and dispatched to your site – any time day or night. ARCOR's O&M services include:

  • 24/7 reactive maintenance
  • National operation center (NOC)
  • Disaster recovery
  • Generator maintenance & repair
  • Customized "out of the ordinary" solutions

Read more about ouroperations & maintenancecapabilitiesin our Services area.

DAS, Small Cell, Fiber Optics

The telecommunications industry is now converting to smaller systems like Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and Small Cell applications to provide densification of signals and to improve the quality of service.

ARCOR has designed and connected thousands of small cell installations nationwide and provide complete turn-key solutions from benchmarking through head end installation and integration.

We bring the services needed to deliver reliable, high speed communication to consumers and companies.

Also, ARCOR is well versed in maintaining fiber networks and developing and executing emergency restoration plans when the network is damaged by any destructive events.

ARCOR can address fiber and coax engineering and construction for aerial (pole line) and underground cable placement for cable TV operators, independent phone companies, and state and county governments, as well as cellular backhaul circuits for cellular phone companies.