Highlights Of ARCOR’s Services

  • ARCOR has capabilities for generating bankable structures to finance solar PV projects. ARCOR’s close relationships with major financial institutions lay behind this advantage.
  • Sale offices all around the world.

Project-FinancingDevelopment and Financing

ARCOR has a professional team consist of engineers, estimators and financial analysis experts for project development. ARCOR’s main strength comes from this team. This team prepares feasibility analysis, cost estimations, general perspective of work and this team determines the best solution to optimize system performance and reach customer goals. Customer can benefit from ARCOR in many ways: leverage credibility of ARCOR as solar experts, maximize return on investment, save time and effort.

port_intertie14_array Design and Engineering


ARCOR has skillful group of engineers that analyze deeply into every element of your proposed solar system. ARCOR always use highly technological modules, inverters, cables, load-bearing construction and sun tracking systems. Our experiences show us that we made a true choice to use qualified equipment.

1MortensonConstruction and Procurement

We are one of the top commercial Project delivery companies in Turkey and our Project managers have all essential knowledge and required experience in the field.  We have necessary resources and expertise that is required to realize technically sophisticated solar electric projects. Our professional team will follow every step in your project; guarantee they make the best of the project.

dt.common.streams.StreamServer.clsOperations, Maintenance and Monitoring

ARCOR is always there for you after the project is realized. We are providing maintenance to maximize your energy production, your system’s operation life, business performance and system reliability. With the help of our advanced monitoring systems, we can monitor your solar electric system’s performance and status all the time. Moreover you will be able to use our advanced monitoring systems and will have real time access to your system anytime.  You would  monitor, download or analyze your data.